Products and Services

LHI Architectural Aluminum Products Division product lines include aluminum louvers, aluminum railing systems, column covers, custom wall panel systems, store front and entrance systems, custom curtain wall systems, interior aluminum fixtures, water-jet cutting, perforating, and heavy plate aluminum fabrication.

Our CNC equipment is capable of milling, drilling, tapping, and countersinking extrusions on 5 sides (top, 2 sides, 2 ends), with lengths exceeding 12’ machined to customers’ requirements. Two smaller high-speed machining centers produce smaller components up to 60” in length and enable us to fabricate finished parts that are extruded, anodized, and machined to the final product.

We specialize in making the traditional as well as the unique. Our full-service engineering department is computerized with the latest CAD software. All project shop drawings are computer generated and plotted for accuracy and consistency, which facilitates the review process.

We can scan your details directly into the shop drawing, allowing for quick modification to fit into our fabricated design. These capabilities can cut drawing resubmissions to the bare minimum, avoiding costly delays.

Our full service capabilities can produce products, components, and/or completed assemblies ready for installation with “as promised” delivery. At LHI Architectural Aluminum Products Division ,quality control from start to finish reduces handling and processing delays, minimizes rejections, and minimizes cost. That’s the advantage of working with a single processing supplier!