Walk far enough into the Jordan’s Furniture store in New Haven, Connecticut and you may forget where you are.

That’s because at the rear of the store, you’ll find a 30,000-square-foot entertainment complex, home to the world’s largest indoor ropes course, according to Jordan’s. The complex also houses four 200-foot zip-lines, several climbing walls, a $2 million water and light show, in addition to a 50-foot free fall jump. And if you get hungry, there’s a pizzeria and ice cream shop.

But even before you brave one of the zip-lines, you know this isn’t going to be your typical retail experience. The store’s striking monolithic façade beckons from the parking lot, alerting you to expect the unexpected. The familiar Jordan’s logo is anchored to a 55’-by-65’ trapezoidal sign, which houses rows and rows of gleaming aluminum chairs balanced on their front legs – more than 350 chairs in all, courtesy of Leed Himmel, the world-class aluminum fabricator from Hamden, Connecticut.

When the original chair supplier didn’t deliver, Jordan’s contacted Leed Himmel, to supply samples. Leed Himmel made a prototype that same day of an aluminum chair that was 18” wide x 18” deep x 36” high, powder coated anodized silver. The quick turnaround and ability to produce to specification in a timely manner secured the contract.

Leed Himmel, which is a full-service aluminum products supplier, offers design, extrusion, and fabrication expertise all under one roof, and specializes in custom products and finishes.

Leed Himmel’s work adorns prestigious buildings across the United States, including control towers at airports, tollbooths, pressure-equalized rain screen systems, sun screens, curtain walls, decorative grills, and cut plate signage.

And as the custom façade for Jordan’s so convincingly demonstrates, Leed Himmel’s work takes a back seat to no one.