2017 marks ten years since Blue Back Square opened in West Hartford, CT. This busy retail center is still thriving in what has been a challenging economy for brick and mortar shops. Another thing that makes this anniversary special is how well the shopping center has held up. The photos shown above were taken in December 2017.

Leed Himmel was a large contributor to the project with more metal supplied than any other manufacturer. They provided most of the doors for the storefronts in addition to horizontal sunshades for Crate and Barrel. “It was an interesting project for us because we worked not only with local boutique shops but also a large chain store” states Adam Stern V.P. Sales at Leed Himmel Industries, Inc. Leed Himmel

Leed Himmel has worked on projects all over the country (Seattle, Las Vegas, etc.) and internationally as far as China. However, their niche is working on custom projects locally. In fact, 95% of their projects are located from Portland ME to Philadelphia, PA. The Blue Back Square project fit nicely into their skill set. Each store front required a different look but they also needed to look good together.

The appearance wasn’t the only requirement. At Leed Himmel, the process is as important as the product. They worked closely with the installer to ensure the installation was smooth, on time and on budget. Those of us from this area remember the time crunch on the project created by the “Black Friday” deadline.

Leed Himmel provides Commercial Architectural Aluminum Products such as storefront and curtainwall framing systems, entry doors, sunshades, metal panel systems, column covers, louvers, railing systems and many other custom aluminum products that may be specified on commercial projects. Their engineering approach to projects helps them to produce products that capture the architect’s vision and fulfill the owner’s needs while satisfying public safety and budgetary requirements. – Turning Concepts into Reality. They pay attention to every detail down to providing their own trucks to protect custom fabrications that don’t fit in a standard box. With over 120,000 square feet under one roof, and all of the in-house capabilities, Leed Himmel is a True Single Source Supplier for All Architectural Aluminum Needs.