At Leed Himmel we understand the need for quick response. It is that requirement that inspired an addition to our building last year. One of our customers came to us with a need for a significant amount of machined parts and we were able to accommodate them immediately.

Understanding that their request was one that many more of our customers would make, we immediately purchased a new piece of equipment, even before the contract was finalized. We have since purchased 2 more machines as demand has increased.

Our machining department used to occupy one corner of our building. With the increased customer demand we added a 9,000 square foot addition dedicated to our machining department. The department offers the following services…

  • Cutting
  • Machining
  • Milling
  • Drilling & Tapping
  • Individual parts or stock length materials

There are many ways in which we partner with our clients on their projects. The most common are…

  1. Create a part directly from a customer’s design
  2. Create a design from a part provided or Reverse Engineering
  3. The most common means is to work with the customer on the design. This often leads to a cost savings on the part through process, materials, etc.

The increased demand for machined parts is particularly apparent in the interior office space market. In spite of increased imports and businesses that allow employees to work remotely, the office furniture industry is expected to see revenue gains in 2018.

In a recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine, Why Your New Company Needs an Old Building, the author talks about the trend in refurbishing historical buildings into office space. These customized workspaces demand unique solutions. It is this customization that will push increased sales in the market and the demand for more custom machined products.

As mentioned above, quick response was critical but not the only requirement. Quality was essential. Since machined parts are not their core business, this process took them away from their primary products and prevented them from additional growth. By working together, they have been able to realize stronger market saturation than was previously possible.

At Leed Himmel we look for opportunities to better serve our customers. This addition is just one example.